Apollo Bed Rail Bumper™

Comfort and Care

The Apollo Bed Rail Bumper range fits a vast selection of bed rails from 137cm to 200cm long. 

The Basic wipe clean bumper has a foam inner and full length hook and loop fastenings along the bottom edge. 

Available in the range is an extra high bumper to fit deeper rails and a bumper to fit a fully enclosed extended trombone rail.



  • Available in a variety of sizes including full length and extra high

  • Foam filled

  • Waterproof and vapour permeable polyurethane cover

  • Provides a protective barrier over a cot side

  • Fire retardancy: BS 7177

  • Test Method: BS 6807 (covers and foam filling): Crib 5



Product Code: 

APH020 / Large
APH069 / Extra High


Small / 137cm x 87cm
Large / 200cm x 87cm
Extra High / 200cm x 101cm

Warranty: 1 year

Safety Standards: BS EN 597-1 Cig, BS EN 597-2 Match, BS7177: 1996 Crib Source 5