Apollo Careline 200™

Mobile Stand Aid

The Apollo Careline 200 Aluminium Mobile Stand Aid has been designed as a compact stand and assist aid. The Apollo Careline 200 can be used for transfer stand and assist, featuring a multi-adjustable lift boom with an ergonomic lift angle designed to minimise shear and friction when lifting. Simple electric adjustment helps to manoeuvre the stand assist into small or confined spaces. The base legs can be electrically adjusted for added stability.



  • The Apollo Careline 200 standing and raising aid with 200 Kg weight capacity 

  • Non-slip footplate

  • Height and angle adjustable padded knee guard

  • Constructed from the best aerospace grade aluminium, this product is manufactured using the very best welding processes

  • Easy access to chair / bed spaces

  • Allows simple and comfortable transfers

  • Electrical opening leg base comes as standard and compliments even the 
    largest of wheelchair widths

  • The height of its front wheels ( 7.5 cm ) allows it to pass easily under beds

  • Lithium Battery that never loses power whilst not in use 

  • Autonomy Emergency Stop

  • Electrical Security Lowering System

  • Warranty: 2 years 



Product Code: APH200 

Maximum Weight Limit: 31.4 stone / 200 Kg

Dimensions: See Download info - Apollo Careline 200 for Dimensions 

Warranty: 2 years 

Stand Aid Weight: 40 Kg