Apollo Audit Services

Ensuring Safe and Effective Equipment Processes

In an era where infection control awareness has never been greater, Apollo Healthcare Technologies boasts a first-class auditing service to complement their product portfolio. This service is available to all Apollo Healthcare Technologies customers and allows a peace of mind that all pressure area care and moving and handling products are fit for purpose.

Our auditing team have experience in examining thousands of pieces of equipment and after each audit the hospital or home concerned will be presented with a detailed report listing all the finding and subsequent recommendations.


  • Proven reduction in infection control rates

  • Improved quality of care

  • Reduced spend on Pressure Area Care Products

  • Time Saving for the end user

  • Provides guidance in accordance with MHRA directives

  • Detailed reports listing full findings and recommendations

  • FREE service should a customer decide to buy products following the audit

  • Unique coding system so only Apollo Healthcare Technologies and hospital personnel are aware of any failures

  • Comprehensive audit training can be provided

  • Strict Inspection Criteria adhered to

  • Creates an audit trail