Classic-Med Overpad™

Pressure Reducing Mattress

The Classic-Med Overpad is a high specification overlay mattress designed to meet the demands of the community and nursing home environments.

The Classic-Med Overpad is suitable for those considered at ‘Low to Medium Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.



  • The foam core has independent, geometrically-cut surface cubes which significantly reduce shear and friction, whilst increasing the overall support surface area, thereby reducing peak pressure.

  • The Classic-Med Overpad has larger in size supportive cubes at the centre and smaller cubes at each end. This enables the Classic-Med Overpad mattress to achieve even weight distribution by conforming to the shape and form of the body and cradle bony prominences.

  • The mattress cover can be wiped down or completely removed and laundered up to 95°C to aid decontamination protocols.



Product Code: APH008 / APH009 


APH008 Single - 198cm x 88cm x 10cm

APH009 Double - 198cm x 137cm x 10cm

Maximum Weight Limit: 17 stone / 108 Kg

Risk Factor: Low to Medium Risk

Warranty: 1 year cover / 1 year foam

Cushion Weight: 

Single 4 Kg

Double 6 Kg 

Safety Standards: BS EN 597-1 Cig, BS EN 597-2 Match, BS7177: 1996 Crib Source 5