Contego Floorline 4H300

Safe and Secure

Contego’s revolutionary patented design provides a solution to many of the problems facing modern care settings. Contego’s Flexbed design provides a safe and secure environment for residents or patients without impacting their physiological wellbeing which can be associated with conventional patient retention methods.

An adjustable concave mattress platform can be activated to raise the sides of the mattress. The concave effect in most cases, provides a solution to issues commonly associated with the use of side rails.

Through utilizing the highest quality electric actuator system to drive the bed on the market LINAK, we were able to engineer the bed ends to be the slimmest on the market. This not only reduced the overall length of the bed while maintaining the same mattress platform making more room for your facility, but allowed us to incorporate a place for air mattress pumps to hang and reduce the overall weight of the bed making it much more manoeuvrable.  



  • Unique Flexbed mattress platform

  • Slimline design reduces the overall length of the bed while maintaining recognised total mattress area.

  • Can be dismantled into lightweight easily transportable sections.

  • Single person assembly possible

  • Most alternating air mattress control units fit securely on the slimeline end frames.

  • Integrated cable management to suit all alternating air mattress systems

  • Removable flexbed concave assembly

  • Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg to 15 degrees 

  • Removable head and footboards

  • Cardiac chair positioning

  • Bariatric capacity

  • Ultra quiet operation

  • Linak electrics

  • Removable flex bed side to take siderails

  • Contemporary woodgrain styling

  • Smooth easy clean ABS panels

  • Custom designed handset for ease of use

  • 2280 O/A length

  • 920 O/A width   ( 1040 with siderails ) 

  • mattress platform 1950 x 880 

  • effective lift range 110mm - 710mm

  • backrest angle 0-75 deg

  • leg break angle 0-30 deg

  • calf support angle 0-30 deg

  • Trendelenburg angle  -/+15 deg



4H300 Side.png
4H300 End.png
4H300 Tilt.png


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