The Qimova

Junior Comfort Chair

The Qimova Junior Comfort Chair is designed especially for young people, with an effective seat width down to 32 cm and seat depth down to 38 cm, extra short leg rests and backrest, while offering all the comfort, flexibility and features of the Qimova wheelchair.

The Qimova junior wheelchair has outstanding features including adjustment and functionality, 45 degree Tilt in Space, 180 degree recline and articulating leg rests. This makes it simple for carers to alter the position of the user. This ensures the ability to reposition the user’s posture that is required by long hours of sitting. For users themselves to adjust the chair, you can choose the remote control power option allowing them the independence to alter their positioning as often as required.

Features and Benefits

All Qimova Comfort wheelchairs come with the following as standard:

  • Adjustable wheel base with 5 color options

  • Manual adjustable seat height

  • Adjustable Centre of gravity

  • Front or Rear wheel drive available in 12”16 or 24” wheels

  • Height adjustable back rest

  • Width and length adjustable seat

  • Height, angle and length adjustable arm rests

  • 45 degree Tilt in Space with anterior tilt

  • Fully reclining back rest

  • Fully articulating leg rests with soft fully adjustable calf supports

  • Choice of upholstery including 3D Comfort and Dartex (water and incontinence proof)

Available in a variety of seat sizes with versatile comfort cushioning, all Qimova wheelchairs are designed to fit the exact measurements of any user.

We also offer a choice of wheel sizes, whether it's rear- or front wheel driven, if it's powered or manual, gas-operated or automatic. (The shown model above is our standard manual Qimova Comfort Chair, with 16” rear wheels manually operated Tilt in Space, back rest recline and articulating leg rests).

  • Tailor-made to meet the precise needs of the individual user.

  • Pressure relief cushion absorbs pressure on coccyx, prevents pelvis sliding forward and reduces risk of pressure ulcers.

  • Posterior and anterior Tilt-in-Space for varied sitting positions and ease of getting in/out

  • Backrest can be fully reclined or inclined forward to open or close the hip angle.

  • Independently functioning manually-operated leg rests are length-compensating when elevating

  • Gas spring operated tilt, recline and leg rest elevation for easy adjustment. Optional electrical operation for increased user control.

  • Our manual chair can easily be upgraded at any time to a fully powered indoor/outdoor version for the more independent user at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a complete new chair.

  • Armrests and leg rests can be easily removed

The Qimova Junior Comfort Chair features unparalled tilting, reclining and leg rest elevation, making it easy for caretakers to shift positions, ensuring the frequent repositionings of the body required by long sitting hours. Or for users themselves to adjust the chair, using the remote control for the optional electrical positioning system.


Versatile Positioning

Quality and Safety

All Qimova wheelchairs are designed and built to meet and surpass all relevant ISO and EN standards and have been crash tested and approved for use as seating in motor vehicles with Dalh restraints . All upholstery has been treated to meet fire-resistant standards.

Versatile Cushioning

Our cushioning series ensures support and comfort exactly where needed, and includes if required individually-designed anti-thrust, wedged, ramped and channeled seat cushions. All seat cushioning has memory foam topers on high density foam with in-built ventilation, and all cushioning can be supplied with incontinence lining.


Qimova has a wide range of accessories that can be used to create the exact amount of functionality and support needed by the user. These include additional remotes and modules such as attendant remotes, sip ’n’ puff, finger steering and switch inputs as well as headrests, thoracic supports, hip guides, pommels, trays and pushing handles.

Modular Construction

The unique Qimova modular construction system means that all seating systems and wheel bases are interchangeable. This allows a client to start off with a manual version of our wheelchair and upgrade to a fully powered indoor/outdoor wheelchair by changing the base only. This means continued use of their current seating system and moving it to a power base for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new chair.





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