Adjustable Pressure Management Seating


The Boston provides carers with a number of options to enable regular repositioning of user's to redistribute pressure and provide all day comfort. It comes with a unique combination, of Tilt in Space and independently controlled back recline and leg elevation and is ideal as part of a 24 hour postural care programme. Available in both a manual and electric model.

  • The Tilt in Space allows the seat to back angle to remain the same whilst the whole seating system is tilted backwards, which means that the angle of the hips, knees and ankles are not affected during this movement. It also reduces the weight on the ischial tuberosities and redistributes the weight through the back. This feature can also help when moving someone in a hoist and can support better pelvic positioning by optimising the use of gravity to position the user in the optimal position.

  • The backrest and leg rest can be adjusted separately providing a further range of back and leg combinations to support improved posture and pressure management. Couple this to the angle and height adjustable footplate and this makes the Boston chair a highly versatile pressure management porter.


Suitable For

Semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users who require additional support to maintain or improve their posture. Allows for user positioning to allow fro optional occupational performance.


  • Independent Tilt in Space

  • Independent backrest recline

  • Independent leg rest adjustment

  • Choice of Interchangeable and adjustable back cushions

  • Choice of Interchangeable seat cushions

  • Seat depth adjustment (Optional adjuster pads)

  • Height and angle adjustable footplate (Optional)

  • Wedge adjustment blockers (Optional)

  • Padded seat chaise cover

  • Ease of movement - Push handle and Wing handles

  • Drings and Four heavy duty lockable castors

  • Rechargeable battery system (Electric model)

  • Pocket on rear for client documents

  • Optional Range of headrests


Fabric Options

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.41.42 pm.png

Size Guide

  • The Boston comes as standard with an overall weight limit on certain pressure seat cushions. The overall weight limit is 127 Kg (20 stone) and with a maximum leg rest weight limit of 57 Kg (9 stone) as per our brochure.

  • However, you may take the overall weight limit up to 159 Kg (25 stone) with certain seat cushion range shown for this chair. It also has a maximum leg rest weight limit of 57 Kg (9 stone).

  • Please ask your supplier as to which options are best suitable for your client. As a guide see the weight limits on the seat cushion options in the Seat Cushion section.