Morpheus Plus™ 

Pressure Reducing Mattress

Morpheus Plus is a high specification foam mattress designed to reduce surface pressure to optimum levels. The castellated foam cells conform to the body effectively redistributing pressure across the surface area. A stable base foam provides supportive side walls which facilitate safe mobilisation. Ideally recommended for those At Risk to High Risk of pressure ulcer development.

A soft multi stretch, highly water-resistant cover, provides protection from fluid ingress and contamination. Welded seams and a protective zip flap support infection control guidelines. Easy to wipe down or remove and launder.



The Morpheus Plus pressure reducing mattress features the Mammoth® V-Max® castellated foam cells. This design combined with a high specification foam, optimises pressure reduction over high risk areas. The subsequent improved circulation through the soft tissues, reduces the risk of pressure damage, and improves sleep quality.

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Product Code: APH127

Dimensions: 198cm x 88cm x 15.6cm 

Maximum Weight Limit: 39 stone / 247.7 Kg

Risk Factor: High Risk

Warranty: 5 years cover / 5 years foam

Cushion Weight: 14 Kg 

Safety Standards: BS EN 597-1 Cig, BS EN 597-2 Match, BS7177: 1996 Crib Source 5