The most important aspect to consider before purchasing a riser recliner chair is to consider what seating positions you would like. Think about what would help you with your mobility needs and how you would like to position the chair to help you relax.

Each mechanism we offer is available in different sizes. A guide on the weight limits is given in the description of the different mechanisms, but please make sure that you check the weight limit before making your final decision.

Please watch the film clips at the bottom of this page for a demonstration of the movement.

Dual Motor

The key features of our Dual Motor Tilt in Space Rise and Recline mechanism:


  • Two motors allow the leg rest and back rest to work independently.

  • The leg rest can be bought up to a semi recline position or full horizontal position.

  • The back rest can be independently reclined from the leg rest, giving you full flexibility to choose the right chair position for your personal comfort.

  • When the seat is in the rise position it tilts transferring your weight to your knees taking away the pressure from your hips and allowing you to walk away easily from the chair.

  • With this mechanism you may experience some ‘back shearing' as the back reclines and opens away from the seat.

  • This mechanism can be tailored to meet individual needs and additional motors used as required.

  • The handset features between four and six buttons depending on the mechanism chosen.

Available in the widest range of weight categories:

  • Up to 20 stones (127kg) 

  • Up to 25 stones (158kg)

  • Up to 35 stones (222kg) 

  • Up to 40 stones (254kg)

  • Up to 50 stones (317kg) 

  • Up to 70 stones (444kg)