Apollo Healthcare Technologies will be exhibiting at NAEP.

We are delighted to be exhibiting our newly launched Saturn Rotate profiling chair bed at the annual NAEP conference on 13th and 14th June 2017. Come along and visit us on Stand 51.

Apollo Healthcare Technologies announce the launch of the Saturn Rotate chair bed.

Apollo Healthcare Technologies are delighted to announce
the launch of the Saturn Rotate profiling chair bed. The Saturn
offers greater independence and mobility to the user who is
weight bearing but struggles to transfer unassisted between
standing and sitting.


Apollo Healthcare Technologies announce the launch of the Morpheus Mattress.

Apollo Healthcare Technologies (AHT) is delighted to announce the launch of the Morpheus 'High Risk' pressure reducing mattress. The mattress was designed in conjunction with Mammoth Technologies, a pioneering provider of mattresses to the domestic markets.

Mammoth have scientifically applied their foam technology to ensure an enhancement in sleep performance and wound prevention. It is this aspect that they have worked with AHT to produce a healthcare mattress that not only provides a very high quality pressure reducing mattress but also is clinically proven to help users sleep better and in turn, recover from illness faster.

Managing Director of AHT, David Locke says, “Pressure Ulcer Prevention will always be at the forefront of all of AHT’s product lines and now working with Mammoth Technologies, AHT has managed to produce an exceptionally high quality pressure reducing mattress that will have the added benefit of improving a user’s sleep efficiency. The Morpheus has a great end result where accelerating healing or wound prevention is important.”

Founder of Mammoth Technologies John Tuton agrees, “The partnership with AHT was an obvious one. Looking at their new product lines, they bring real clinical benefits and value to the market. The ‘Mammoth’ Morpheus Mattress pressure maps as well as any of the market leading pressure reducing mattresses, with the added benefit of being clinically proven to enhance sleep efficiency. This critical evidence proves we can really aid patients recover from illness faster.  Mammoth’s mattresses have been scientifically tested in the world’s leading Sleep Laboratory at the University of Northumbria, under the guidance of renowned expert Dr Jason Ellis. It is his clinical paper which outlines the improvement in sleep efficiency and the physiological and psychological benefits to its users.”