Osprey Snug Fit Range

Patient Slings

Our Snugfit Slings are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a two year warranty and lifetime traceability. The standard Snugfit Sling range is available in 9 sizes - 3 x Paediatric sizes, 3 x Adult sizes and 3 x Bariatric sizes.   Additionally, all slings on our website are available for bespoke manufacture should customers not fit our comprehensive range of sizes.

 Deluxe Sling

The Deluxe Sling is our most popular style of sling, providing excellent levels of comfort and support whilst being easy to take on and off.

The Flexi Sling is designed for use with clients who are prone to extensor spasm or any kind of involuntary movement.


Floor to Seat System

The Floor to Seat System is specifically for the purpose of lifting the fallen person, a sling that would be suitable for the majority of people.


Kilp 2 Stand Sling

The Klip 2 Range is made up of 4 styles. Each one offers different support and has individual features that are beneficial for everyday use.

The Deluxe Comfort Sling offers additional levels of comfort and support over and above that of the Deluxe Sling. 

Hygeenie High Back

The Hygeenie High Back Sling is the newest addition to the Toileting range.


Person into Bed System

The Person into Bed System was developed to assist a person with reduced mobility and weaker upper body strength into bed.


ER Sling

The ER sling was developed to replace the common drag lift.

Designed in conjunction with a well renowned moving and handling team and their occupational therapists.


Inseat Sling

The Inseat Sling can be left in place for long periods of time and provides airflow


Klip 2 Lift Sling

The Klip 2 Lift sling is ideal for hoisting in and out of chairs and onto the toilet without the added stress of a sling.