Person into Bed System

The Person into Bed System was developed to enable the carer to assist a person with reduced mobility and weaker upper body strength into bed.


This system enables the person to be supported in a semi-reclined sitting position throughout the manoeuvre. With the person fully supported in this way it is much easier to lift the person’s legs up. As the legs are lifted up onto the bed the person is slid around into position on the bed. When the transfer is completed the slide sheets and excess pillows are easily removed as the person is settled into a comfortable sleeping position.

If the bed is a little high the person can place their feet on the foot stool so that their knees and thighs are raised to the height of the bed. The person is then able to push themselves backwards into the middle of the bed to a safer, more stable position before their legs and feet are raised onto the bed.



  • Developed with the ‘Single Carer’ agenda in mind

  • Can be used with ordinary beds single or double

  • Is comfortable for the person being assisted reducing the risk of harmful handling

  • Reduces the risk of carer injury