Safety Devices

20 Cycle Back Up Unit

The 20 Cycle Back Up Unistand-aloned alone unit, which can carry out 20 chair movements. This unit is an essential safety feature which will ensure that in the event of a power cut the chair can be moved into a sitting or tilt position. To ensure this function is available in the event of a power cut the unit must be permanently connected to ensure it remains charged.


Please note: This unit is not compatible with the Anti-entrapment system.

Anti-Entrapment Device

The Anti-entrapment Device is designed to prevent small objects from being trapped, whilst the rise and recliner is in use. Sensor strips are placed at strategic points around the bottom of the chair, which detect close contact. In the event the chair reverses its movement to a safe position allowing the object to be removed safely.


Please note: The Anti-entrapment device is not compatible with the 20 Cycle Back Up Unit or the Accupak system.

The Accupak System

The Accupak Aystem, is available on a large range of our mechanisms. The Accupak system provides a wireless system allowing the user an average of 100 cycles of chair movements. This means the chair can be positioned and used in any area of a room without relying on a nearby power source. When the battery requires charging a beeping sound can be heard to warn the user when any button on the handset is pressed. The transformer can then be plugged into the charging outlet and re-charged for a period of 24 hours the or maximum charge.

The system is fitted to the base of the chair (out of sight), and the side of the chair is fitted with an outlet for charging.