Seat Cushions 

For those sitting for long periods of time with specific comfort issues such as a high risk of pressure sores and sheer forces.

Gellacel is our new breakthrough fabric for pressure relief and management. Gelacell is clinically hygienic, durable and yet an incredibly soft material. Gelacell's unique cell matrix distributes pressure across the contact area. It makes it the perfect solution for eliminating peak pressure points as it contours and yields in response to weight.

The high-density molecular structure of Gelacell takes time to absorb heat and the grid design encourages air circulation, keeping the chair fresher and cooler for much longer than traditional materials. And it's clinically tested. Gelacell passes all dermatological tests for skin contact. Gelacell is totally derma compatible.

Celliform Cushion

For those who have good posture and mobility but are seated for greater than one hour at a time and require pressure relief and supported comfort.

This cushion has a high density foam base which offers a supportive and firm seat base with a top layer of memory foam to allow submersion into the cushion giving stability and a large surface area to reduce pressure levels.

We recommend you choose a fabric with four way stretch properties that work with the memory foam. This gives maximum contact area and allows the memory foam to work with the natural contours of the body.

Viscoform Cushion

For those who have good posture and mobility but sit for long periods of time and require pressure relief and supported comfort. Excellent for people with little fatty tissue.

This cushion has a high-density foam which offers a supportive and firm seat base. The foam is topped with a fluid liquid gel in a soft silicone cover which provides a high level of pressure relief. The liquid gel helps to dissipate heat and constantly adapts to movement.

Liquiform Cushion

For those who have good postural position but who are unable to alter their own position easily and require high level pressure care.

This cushion gives the benefit of an air cushion without the sensation of alternating changes in air pressure.

Airform Cushion

For those at very high risk of developing pressure sores or a history of sores where the highest priority is to prevent further pressure damage.

For users only up to 20 stones (120kg). The Dynaform cushion is a dynamic alternating air cushion which constantly changes the air levels within its many air cells to recreate the effect of movement and pressure relieving to prevent pressure build-up.

Dynaform Cushion

Our softest foam cushion with high-quality Reflex foam filler for gentle comfort.

Easiform Cushion

A good firm foam filler for your cushions that provides a more supportive and firm seat with a high-quality filler from Reflex, the foam specialists.

Firmafoam Cushion
Firmafoam Cushion