The Stargazer

The Stargazer is an innovative solution to the problem of short term bed provision, whether this is for a visitor at a patient's bedside, for staff to take a break, or to provide comfortable rest for people facing long delays.

The Stargazer is designed with the same commitment to durability with no compromise in comfort, we demonstrate in all our chairs, with deeper foam cushions than any other ready bed available to ensure a good night's rest.



  • Deep Reflex foam cushioning to give the ultimate comfort when sitting for long periods or sleeping

  • Easy pull mechanism releases the bottom section of the bed, to provide a comfortable sitting or resting position with a long leg rest

  • Simply tilt the headrest down further to provide a full, flat, adult length bed for users.

  • Making the most of available space, this compact chair allows rooms to become multi-functional; providing comfortable seating by day and additional bed spaces for visitors whenever they are needed

  • Modern design and colour choices that will complement any environment

  • Three highly versatile positions with a simple two step movement to quickly transform the chair into a lounge chair and into a full length flat bed

  • Smooth flow pull and push action

  • Fully washable, bleach cleanable, anti-MRSA vinyl upholstery

  • Built in lockable castors for ease of movement for cleaning purposes.



Size Guide

All Repose Chairs come in a range of sizes for that perfect fit.

Seat depth movement

The seat depth can be adjusted by using a simple mechanism under the seat.

Seat width adjustment

The seat width can be adjusted by removing and interchanging the arm pads to fit the seat to the user. There are two size of arm pads that allow the seat depth to be adjusted. Please note which ones are standard on each of the medium and small chairs.

You then have the option of purchasing the other size as an alternative.

The weight limit of the Melrose is 25 stones.

  • Seat height 41cm

  • Seat width 69cm 

  • Seat depth 54cm

  • Overall height 87cm

  • Overall width 87cm

  • Overall depth 84cm

  • Overall bed length 206cm

  • Safe working load 25 Stone (160 kg)